Bobbi Kristina Brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown remains on life support after being found unresponsive over a week ago. Reuters

It’s been a little more than a week since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found facedown in a bathtub at her Georgia home. The aspiring actress, daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, was unresponsive and has remained in a medically induced coma since being rushed from her home in Roswell, just outside of Atlanta, to an area hospital. She’s since been moved to Emory University Hospital for a longer stay. She was found just days before the death anniversary of her superstar mother in 2012.

The story has captured national attention, with the public following details as they come in from all sides about Bobbi Kristina's status, as well as what led her to this tragic state. Below is a roundup of everything we know about the 21-year-old’s situation so far.

Still Fighting

There has been no change in her condition after being brought into the hospital last Saturday. The doctors have reportedly told the Brown family that there is little else they can do and that it is very unlikely she will wake up from her coma. According to People magazine, that hasn’t stopped her father, Bobby Brown, from holding onto hope that she’ll fight her way back.

"I think they're going to try to wait and see [what happens]," a source close to the family told the outlet. "In his mind, she's going to pull through – she's a fighter, and she's going to pull through. I think he's going to hold out as long as he possibly can."

Family By Her Side

Bobby Brown has reportedly not left his daughter since she was brought in to the hospital, and some other members of the Brown and Houston families have been by her side. Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney and grandmother to Bobbi Kristina, made her way to Atlanta a few days ago.

Meanwhile, members of the Brown family are getting into trouble in Atlanta. Local police confirmed to Billboard that they responded to a fight at the W Atlanta Midtown Hotel in which Bobby's nephew Shayne Brown was allegedly hit in the head with a bottle by Tina Brown, his mother (and Bobby Brown’s sister), over an argument about the hotel’s valet parking. Witnesses report that Shayne Brown started “swinging” at Tina Brown after she struck him.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Warrant

It was revealed after she entered the hospital that Bobbi Kristina had had some recent minor trouble with the law as well. According to ABC News, just two days before she was found unresponsive the Alpharetta Municipal Court in Georgia had issued a warrant for her. The judge made the call after she failed to appear in court on a charge of operating a 2010 Lexus with an expired tag. The police department and court have chosen to dismiss the warrant in light of current events.

"In light of recent events involving Ms. Bobbi Kristina Brown, we are not focused on the warrant issue. In fact, we requested the court to recall the warrant and dismiss it— which they did," police spokesman George Gordon said in a statement, according to E! Online. "The important issue is we hope her friends and family find a measure of comfort during this difficult period."

Criminal Investigation

With Bobbi Kristina’s fate still up in the air, police have opened an active criminal investigation to determine if there was any foul play that led to her condition. According to CNN, no one knows what caused Brown’s condition. Police have said that it was a medical incident and that doctors have found no drug- or alcohol-related clues that would explain what happened.

According to reports, Brown’s boyfriend and longtime friend of the family Nick Gordon was home when a friend identified as Max Lomas found Browb. Lomas called for Gordon to come assist him with CPR until emergency responders showed up and took over. TMZ reports that Lomas claims Gordon was cleaning up blood stains from the home before he noticed Bobbi Kristina. However, many are quick to point out that Lomas has a long criminal reccord.

Police are looking deeply into Gordon, whom many believe may have had a violent relationship with Brown. A source close to the family told CNN that Bobbi Kristina has injuries on her body that “still need to be explained.”

The investigation is ongoing.