Bobbi Kristina Brown Nick Gordon
"Krissi was physically abused by Nick on a number of occasions and she told me about some of them," a source said about Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Bobbi Kristina Brown has not been able to tell the world what happened on Jan. 31, the day she was found faced down in bathtub in her Georgia home. But three weeks before that tragic day occurred, Brown confided in her friend, Alex Reid.

She was upset about her relationship with boyfriend Nick Gordon and hid from him in a closet while she called Reid, the friend told E! News in an exclusive report Wednesday. "She was sobbing. Nick had hit her and she was scared," Reid said. "She was very upset. She didn't know what to do.”

Reid took so long to speak out because he didn’t want to leak personal information about Brown. But her outlook looks bleak and now Reid feels like she needs to be Brown’s mouthpiece. Brown's family moved her to hospice care last week and her vitals continue to decline. "I love her. I would never have betrayed her and spoken out before now, " she said. "But as she lies there, I feel there is no one else to speak on her behalf. I feel like I have to be a voice for her now." One of the things Reid said was that abuse was common in their relationship: "Krissi was physically abused by Nick on a number of occasions and she told me about some of them.”

Bobbi Kristina Nick Gordon
Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon pretended to be her husband so he could control her and her money, a lawsuit claims. Getty Images/Christopher Polk

Her guardians, father Bobby and aunt Leolah, and conservator, Bedelia C. Hargrove, filed a lawsuit against Gordon in Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia on the same day she was moved to Peachtree Christian Hospice. The suit seeks $10 million in punitive damages for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and transferring money from Brown’s account into his own without authorization. The suit is “based on the foregoing wrongful conduct by [Gordon], which was knowing willful, intentional, reckless and/or grossly negligent.” Gordon denies any wrongdoing, and lawyered up with Jose Baez, the lawyer who defended Casey Anthony.

The decision to move Brown into hospice care was made after a Chicago specialist told her there was essentially no hope she would regain consciousness. Now, the Browns and Houstons are upset about reports that claim Oprah Winfrey or Tyler Perry orchestrated the meeting, TMZ wrote. Brown has been taken off all her medications so she can die in peace. Her death is “imminent,” Radar Online added.

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