Bobby Brown has reportedly written a biopic entitled The Bad Boy of R and B: The Bobby Brown Story and wants his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, to act in it. reported that Brown is being accused of trying to profit from the death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, who died on Feb. 11. The website reports that Brown has been trying to find buyers for his biopic a month after her death.

The script for Brown's alleged biopic was originally written last November, and budding filmmaker Michael A. Pinckney also helped with the writing, the website claimed.

I was connected to Bobby in 2010 through an actor friend Alfonso Lover, who's in my other feature film, Pinckney told He expressed to me that Bobby was interested in having a movie written about his life. We talked and decided his life would make an amazing film. Like the movie Ray but for my generation. Bobby can finally tell his story.

The reported Spike Lee protégé told also reportedly told the website that the movie lightly touched on Brown and Houston's marriage. Brown and Houston were married for almost 15 years. Bobbi Kristina is their only child together.

Now that Houston has passed, Pinckney said they must now revise the ending of the movie.

This is such a sensitive subject which is why we did not push the fact that we have a script for the Bobby Brown story so soon, he said. We definitely wanted to give it some time to disseminate just out of respect to the family, friends and fans of Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kristina and other family members of Houston recently gave the first interview after Houston died at the Beverly Hilton hotel to talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. Bobbi Kristina told the host that she plans to carry on her mother's legacy through acting and singing.

The 19 year old also told Winfrey that she is coping with her mother's death as best as she could at this time.

Though Brown has allegedly said he wants Bobbi Kristina to star in his biopic it is uncertain if she will take up the offer.

TMZ recently reported that Bobbi Kristina is looking to change her name so as to have nothing to do with her father. The website claimed that Houston's only daughter has told friends that she wanted to change her name for years and has thought about it ever since Houston and Brown's marriage ended.

The TMZ report noted that Bobbi Kristina wants to be known as Kristina Houston, but has not yet announced a date on which she will make it official.