Good news for animal fans, your favorite anthropomorphizing cartoon, “BoJack Horseman,” is debuting its second season sooner than you thought. Netflix announced on Thursday a release date and plot synopsis for the follow up to its massively successful animated hit.

According to The Wrap, fans can expect to see more of BoJack (Will Arnett), Todd (Aaron Paul), Diane (Alison Brie), Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) and Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) on July 17. All 12 episodes of the show’s highly anticipated second season will drop all at once at 3:00 a.m. EDT. Before you go checking your calendar, that’s a Friday, so your weekend is all set. The Hollywood Reporter announced the Season 2 renewal last August.

When last we left the animal kingdom of Hollywood, BoJack had just landed the role of a lifetime. After looking up to him since he was a child, the former 90s sitcom star was cast as the lead in the Secretariat (John Krasinski) biopic. After an awkward falling out with his ghost writer, Diane Nguyen, the two mended their friendship a bit before she revealed that she was brought in to do some writing on the Secretariat movie. So that’s where we’ll find them at the beginning of Season 2.

Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn is continuing her relationship with Vincent Adultman (Fielding Edlow), who is actually just three toddlers stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. At the same time,Todd is happily working as an assistant and friend to Mr. Peanutbutter. While the world seems to be falling into place for the gang in BoJack’s entourage, it seems like Season 2 will focus on the struggle to maintain that happy ending.

The official press release from Netflix to announce the release of Season 2 included a brief plot synopsis that hints at more struggles on the horizon for the former star of “Horsin’ Around”:

“Now starring in his dream movie (a biopic of Secretariat), but humbled by the events of last season, BoJack attempts to use his career second wind as a stepladder to a springboard to becoming a newer, better BoJack. But new challenges on set and in his personal life, and the demons of his past make it difficult to shake off the skin of his previous self. If season one of BoJack Horseman is about a character learning he needs to change, the new season is about whether or not he can. It’s a character in a rut, trying to pull out of that rut, and the rut pulling back.” (via Splitsider).

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