She annulled their marriage and went on to marry another man after she could no longer handle the grief of losing their daughter. However, now that she has Beth back, Hope will admit to Liam that she wants her whole family back—including him, on the Tuesday, August 13 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Hope (Annika Noelle) has officially taken Beth home after the entire story about the baby being swapped with a stillborn one and then ending up in Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) care came to light on the CBS soap. As the woman who served as Beth’s adoptive mother for months now grieves her loss, Hope is elated to be rebuilding her life with the baby she loved and thought was gone forever in her arms. Now, she will take the time to also admit to Liam (Scott Clifton) that she made some mistakes while grieving, and one of them was opting to end their marriage and pushing him to be with Steffy.

“Hope tells Liam she never stopped loving him,” spoilers reveal.

Liam never wanted to end their marriage before but gave Hope the space she wanted as she continued to insist he needed to be with Steffy and be a father for Kelly and who they thought was Phoebe, while she focused on being the mother Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) no longer had. That led to her marrying Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), who has been obsessed with her and was one of the people who kept the truth about her daughter from her. Knowing that she did do the things she did, it might be hard for Liam to fully embrace being with her again in that way. However, even if the pair do decide to reunite as a full family unit again with their daughter, Thomas will still be standing in their way.

Not only is Hope legally married to him still, but she can’t annul the marriage just yet. While it was never consummated, making it easier to end it, Thomas went on the run and disappeared after the truth came out, and is currently MIA. Without him there to sign papers, she can’t marry Liam, and that is assuming that even if he returns, he would consent to do so. His obsession over Hope hasn’t dampened, and he could be taking some time away to find a new way to get her back—even if it means ripping her and Liam, as well as her and Beth, apart once again.

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