A Bollywood actress in India was brutally murdered by two aspiring actors after their bid at extracting a ransom went haywire, the Telegraph reported.

Meenakshi Thapar, better known for her role in the Hindi film 404,″ was found hacked to death, with different parts of her body placed at two separate sites. Thapar's mutilated head was allegedly found on a road to Mumbai and her dismembered torso was disposed in a water tank, the publication said.

The 26-year-old starlet was reportedly kidnapped by co-stars Amit Jaiswal and Preeti Surin and killed on a set of a new Bollywood flick, Heroine. Prior to the murder, the duo allegedly hatched a plan to kidnap the actress in an attempt to extort Rs 1,500,000 (about $30,000) from her family, after learning about Thapar's wealthy background. The killers purportedly invited her to go with them on a trip to Gorakhpur, a small town famous for its temples, close to the India-Nepal border.

Soon after, the killers notified Thapar's family and threatened them that the actress would be forced into pornography if the ransom was not paid. Thapar's mother is said to have sent Rs 60,000 ($1,200) to the killers by wiring the money into her daughter's account. The actress was, however, soon strangled and her body was dismembered, possibly in an attempt to avoid identification of the body. Police authorities have arrested the murderers, who have confessed to the crime, the report said.

According to the publication, a detective in charge said that the killers tossed her head from a bus on their way back to Mumbai. We are still investigating the case and both the accused along with a police team are visiting the crime spot. We have yet to recover the body, the detective told the Telegraph.

Jaiswal and Surin, the perpetrators of the crime, are said to be lovers and moved to Mumbai in hopes of finding fame and fortune. However, their obsession with stardom and wealth apparently caused the couple to re-enact the twisted scenes of horror movies into reality.

It's true that in Bollywood there have been many songs about making a fast buck over the past few years, and that certainly reflects something, famed writer Palash Mehrotra, said in a statement on the Global Post.