Rami Malek plays the role of the main villain in “Bond 25.” Details about the new character, including the name, are currently being kept under wraps, but Malek shared some details about his villain in a recent interview.

Malek will be playing a terrorist in “Bond 25.” However, the actor told Mirror that he was concerned about the playing the role of the villain at first. The actor, who is of Egyptian descent, didn’t want to play a character who identifies with a particular religion or ideology.

If Malek isn’t playing a terrorist who is motivated by a religion or an ideology, what kind of a villain is he playing? The actor said that in his discussions with director Cary Joji Fukunaga he found out that the vision for the character was very different from what he had initially perceived.

“So he’s a very different kind of terrorist,” Malek teased. The actor complimented the “extremely clever script,” and the team behind the movie who have apparently figured out what the audience wants from these kind of movies.

Although Malek joined “Bond 25” as a villain, the actor feels a “substantial weight” on his shoulders. The actor pointed out that the franchise is something that he and other people his age grew up with, which means there is an enormous pressure for him to deliver.

The name of the film has been chosen as 25 because it is the 25th film from the franchise, Entertainment Weekly reported. The first film from the franchise was released in 1962, and it was titled “Dr. No.”

Although filming of “Bond 25” has been ongoing for a while, the production has faced multiple challenges. First, lead cast member Daniel Craig got injured on the set, and then a man was arrested for placing hidden cameras in the ladies’ toilet room on the set, TMZ reported.