Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) has often skirted death but it seems like in the next episode of “Bones” it will her husband Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) who will flirt with his mortality. In Season 12, episode 7, the son of the Bosnian warlord that Booth assassinated is back and he wants revenge.

In an earlier episode of the Fox series, the warlord’s son killed Aldo Clemens, the priest who married Booth and Brennan and was once very close to him. Clemens was also a part of an Army Unit that killed the warlord. Now, his son is exacting revenge for his father’s death and Booth is next on his hit list.

Next week, the Jeffersonian will find a series of bodies around Washington, D.C. that are linked to Booth’s former Army Unit. As a result, the FBI Agent must dive into his past in order to find the killer before he finds him. Episode 7 will focus on this killer. It is appropriately titled, “The Final Chapter: The Scare In The Score.”

Elsewhere, Brennan’s father Max Keenan (Ryan O’Neal) hides a serious medical procedure from her. She learns about it anyway and starts to question her father’s trust. Brennan is also concerned about her family’s safety after learning that the serial killer is targeting her husband.

The preview of the upcoming “Bones” episode provides even more spoilers. Boreanaz’s character discovers that the warlord’s son tortured an old lady in order to get his name.

Brennan is convinced that the killer won’t be satisfied until he murders her husband.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the promo is the fact that a shooting took place in D.C. The forensic anthropologist looks devastated when she hears the news and rushes to the crime scene.

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