You people and crazy...this is incredible, Grouploves keyboardist and vocalist Hannah Hooper told a wild crowd on Sunday afternoon. Taking the stage after the Animal Liberation Orchestra, the band, which only formed in 2010, played to an impressively large crowd. With the sun trying to break through the cloudy and rainy sky, Grouplove put on one of the most memorable performances at this years Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

Grouplove ran out onto the stage with excitement, with drummer Ryan Rabin jumping up onto the platform where his set was, taking in the large audience. The group immediately jumped into their set, throwing the mob of people into a dancing and singing frenzy.

The band played Itchin' On A Photograph, Never Trust A Happy Song, Don't Say Oh Well, Colours, and of course, their hit Tongue Tied.

Grouplove as a whole seemed to be jumping around their whole entire set, displaying obvious signs of joy of performing Bonnaroo for such a big crowd of fans. Those in the audience caught the groups excitement, turning the tent into a dance party.

With purple hair, vocalist and guitarist Christian Zucconi lead the mob in a sing-along as the beautiul Hooper danced.

Besides being phenomenal musicians, it was the groups overall excitement and love for playing which made the set so memorable. If you weren't able to catch Grouplove's set, watch a video here of their performance of Itchin' On A Photograph, filmed by Knox News.