Bonnaroo Music Festival
The Bonnaroo 2012 was exclusively announced by Spotify Tuesday, with Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phish headlining four-day music festival in Tennessee. Shawn Mariani

Opening night of Bonnaroo tends to be a little low key, as thousands are still pouring into the campgrounds from their long journey to the 700 acre Manchester, Tenn. farm. The Great Taste Lounge brewed by Miller Lite was anything but low-key on Thursday though, as Atlanta natives MonstrO took the stage.

Over Bonnaroo weekend, the Miller Lite Lounge isn't just serving up cold alcoholic refreshments. The Lounge aims to bring Bonnaroovians the freshest new sounds with a slice of laid back, and it did just that with Monstro's 8:30 P.M. set.

As Yelawolf blared in the background while performing at This Tent, MonstrO fiddled around with their amps and mics on stage. A crowd of what looked like a little over 100 people patiently waited (while others voiced that it's Bonnaroo, just play) as 8:30 ticked by and the band still didn't begin playing.

Hey, Hey, Hey, they test into the mic, and the crowd replied with their own Yeeeoooowwww.

Finally it was Miller Time, and the four long haired rockers started their set of head banging.

MonstrO describe their music as sludge-y psychedelic hard rock (heavy on the sludge), and they really are just that. The bands weaves a 60's psychedelic sound with heavy metal, and they do it very well.

The crowd around MonstrO's performance on the Miller Lite stage grew as some walking past flocked over with the sound of song Concertina, and many others off their self-titled 2011 album. The once loud rapping of Yelawolf slipped into the night as abrasive guitars and head banging drums filtered through the air.