Boom Beach’s latest update brings Heroes to the game. Find out how to get hero tokens, trader tickets, increase hero levels and more, here.


On Monday, Supercell released an exciting new Boom Beach update, which brought a number of balance changes as well as new Hero and Trader features. Below, we’ve put together a complete overview of the new Boom Beach Hero feature and how it works along with information about the Trader, how to get trader tickets, hero tokens and upgrade your heroes’ ability levels.

Boom Beach Heroes : How To Get And Use Them

boom beach heroes how to get hero tokens trader tickets hero levels upgrade abilities perks update march 2017 supercell guide tips tricks Boom Beach Heroes bring a new dimension to gameplay. Find out how to get, use and upgrade new heroes, here. Photo: Supercell

There are currently two heroes to unlock in Boom BeachSgt. Brick and Captain Everspark

To unlock Hero #1 - Sgt. Brick

  • Must have headquarters level 4 or higher
  • Must repair the broken down hut next to the island shore. This will be your hero hut where you can view your heroes’ profiles and abilities.

To unlock Hero #2 - Captain Everspark

  • Must defeat Col. Gearheart’s War Factory (Level 45)


Boom Beach Hero Stats And Abilities: How To Upgrade Hero Levels

There are two new heroes in Boom Beach with special perks and abilities.

  • Each hero comes with her own special perks and abilities. To view these, go to the Hero Hut and tap on the hero you want to examine.
  • In the hero hut you can see the Hero’s stats, perks and abilities.
  • To level up the hero itself requires a certain amount of gold. When the hero levels up, this increases his or her health, damage and perks (passive ability).
  • Each hero starts with one active ability but can have up to three. More on each heroes’ specific abilities can be found below.
  • To add more abilities, you have to use Hero Tokens to upgrade them and unlock more (see how to get Hero Tokens in Trader Section)

Boom Beach Hero Abilities And Levels List

boom beach heroes how to get hero tokens trader tickets hero levels upgrade abilities perks update march 2017 supercell guide tips tricks Captain Everspark is one of two Boom Beach heroes introduced in the March 2017 update. Photo: Supercell

There are currently only two heroes in the game. Their individual abilities and perks are listed below.

Hero #1: Sgt Brick

  • Perk (passive ability):– Grenade spammer.
  • Level 1 Ability: Cluster Grenade – blows up buildings in its path for a limited time.
  • Level 2 Ability: Iron Will – reduces damage troops take for a limited amount of time.
  • Level 3 Ability: Battle Orders – boost damage and movement speed or troops for a limited amount of time.

Hero #2: Captain Everspark

  • Perk (passive ability): Spawn Critters – every few seconds a handful of critters run in front of her, distracting enemy defenses.
  • Level 1 Ability: Critter Swarm – this deploys a ton of critters to distract enemy defenses.
  • Level 2 Ability: Explosive Charge – deals heavy damage with a timed bomb.
  • Level 3 Ability: Universal Remote - Hacks enemy defenses and turns them against themselves for a limited amount of time.

Using Heroes In Battle

  • When you go to battle, you get to take one hero boat that carries one hero.
  • Before headed into battle, you must choose which active hero ability you will have your hero take with him or her. Heroes at level one have only one ability to choose from but higher level heroes have up to three you can choose from. A listing of each heroes’ abilities can be found at the bottom of the article.
  • When the hero goes into battle, her passive ability aka perk deploys automatically every few seconds.
  • To use the active ability, players must tap the square ability icon at the bottom of the gamescreen. These abilities require Gunboat energy to use them.
  • Once your hero dies in battle, it cannot be used anymore during that battle; however, when you return to the island, you hero and its boat are returned to full health and power without any recharge time or cost.

Boom Beach Trader: How To Get Hero Tokens And Trader Tickets

boom beach heroes how to get hero tokens trader tickets hero levels upgrade abilities perks update march 2017 supercell guide tips tricks The Trader shows up each week in Boom Beach to sell Hero Tokens, Trader Crates and more. Photo: Supercell

The latest Boom Beach update, not only brought new Heroes but also two new forms of currency: Hero Tokens and Trader Tickets. The game also added a new character called the Trader who arrives in a red submarine at the shore of your island each week. The trader has various items offers available for players like the ability to purchase coins, hero tokens, trader crates and more. The most important thing you will want to purchase from the trader will be the trader crates. These contain useful items like Hero tokens, coins and other things you use in the game.

  • How To Get Hero Tokens – hero tokens must be bought from the trader either as an offer or inside of a trader crate.
  • How To Buy Trader Crate – trader crates are purchased using Trader Tickets.
  • How To Get Trader Tickets – Trader Tickets are acquired in daily rewards or supply chests.


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