In 1994, Lily Nicksay was introduced to “Boy Meets World” fans as Corey and Eric Matthews’ baby sister. She fell off in Season 2, returning two years later in the form of a new actress who would play a wisecracking, slightly older version of Morgan Matthews. The switch came as a surprise to fans, who watched Corey (Ben Savage) and Eric (Will Friedle) grow up on the show, and no reason was ever given.

More than a decade later, Nicksay is reuniting with her “Boy Meets World” co-stars in a big way. According to E! Online, she and fellow Morgan actress Lindsay Ridgeway, will be appearing on an upcoming episode of “Girl Meets World.” It remains unclear what part either will play on the show, but their return has fans speculating about the episode in which they and several other fan favorite “Boy Meets World” stars will appear. In a tweet, the “Girl Meets World” writers revealed that old characters will be appearing on the show to help current stars “make a decision,” though it is unclear what that decision will be. Many fans fear the episode will serve as the series finale, though that has yet to be confirmed. In fact, star Rowan Blanchard — who plays Corey and Topanga’s (Danielle Fishel) daughter Riley — assured fans she had no idea whether the show was coming to an end.

Post “Boy Meets World,” Nicksay went on to live an incredibly full, but private, life. According to her Instagram page she is an active stage actress, appearing most recently in plays called “A Singular They” and “See Rock City.” Off stage Nicksay appears to spend a lot of time with her husband, Dave Gibson. The pair share a home in California and appear to travel often. In 2013, Nicksay told International Business Times she stopped acting after the show and began making moves abroad. She spent eight years living in Scotland, where she finished high school. Nicksay also found time to sail around the continent and spend some time in Thailand. She decided to return to Los Angeles at 25 and refocus on her love of acting. Nicksay has starred in several series’ since “Boy Meets World,” including CBS’ “The Mentalist.”

“It’s been fabulous moving back to Los Angeles and rediscovering my childhood love of acting, and I just did an episode of ‘The Mentalist,’” she said at the time. “It’s been a really wonderful time coming back.”

The young actress’ return to America came just as “Girl Meets World” was preparing to be released. TMZ caught up with Nicksay to discuss potentially starring in the show, which she was open to. At the time, however, she had not discussed the idea with Disney or any of the show’s writers.

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