Brad Pitt is not painting ex Angelina Jolie in a bad light despite a report.

For some reason, NW magazine is claiming that Pitt is trying to prove in court Jolie cheated on him with a teacher when they were still together. However, the tabloid’s story has now been debunked as false and proven to be a product of fabrications made by unreliable sources.

On Monday, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for publishing a baseless story in its latest issue. According to the fact-checking celebrity reporting site, the tabloid fabricated the story by citing an unknown source who is claiming that Pitt is planning to file court documents to subpoena a person named Anna Kowalski to prove the “Maleficent” actress’ infidelity in court.

Kowalski is the woman identified by another tabloid, named Star, who can corroborate Jolie’s alleged affair with her dialect coach while she was filming her spy film “Salt” in 2009. Kowalski was allegedly a housekeeper at New York’s Waldorf Astoria at the time and she allegedly witnessed the clandestine romance between the actress and the teacher.

“Brad couldn’t believe it when he heard Anna’s claims,” NW quoted its source as saying. “You can bet that he’s going to have his lawyers use her anyway they can to get him equal custody of his kids.” The source’s claim, however, contradicts The Blast’s recent report that says the custody talks between the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-stars have been amicable and going on “peacefully.”

Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense for NW’s source to claim that Pitt’s camp is seeking to subpoena Kowalski because the person does not exist. A Waldorf Astoria spokesperson clarified to E! News in 2010 that they never had an employee named Anna Kowalski.

In addition, the teacher that was linked to Jolie, identified as Howard Samuelsohn, has also denied the tryst. “I’ve had eight different reporters call me, and one was even outside my home. I said, ‘Yes, I know her professionally. She’s very nice.’ And then I immediately became the guy who slept with Angelina Jolie,” he said before revealing that he’s been “with the same woman for 33 years.”

Gossip Cop slammed NW for digging up an old and proven to be false story and putting a new spin on it to increase its readership. The site also pointed out how the tabloid is notoriously known for churning unreliable narratives about Pitt and Jolie.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt is not trying to prove in court that ex Angelina Jolie cheated on him with a teacher. Pictured: The Hollywood actor attending the premiere of his latest movie “War Machine” in Tokyo on May 23, 2017. Getty Images/Toru Yamanaka