• Brad Pitt's 1998 film, "Meet Joe Black," trends on Twitter 
  • Insane "car accident" scene from the film goes viral 
  • The 21-year-old movie is resurfacing and gaining recognition once more

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins starred in 1998's "Meet Joe Black," a film by Martin Brest that was released more than two decades ago. But Twitter has once again resurrected one of the most unsung movies, stirring up a moment for a film that once no one bothered to care about. 

The movie centers on a strange story about a wealthy media tycoon, William Parrish (Hopkins), trying to negotiate the terms of his own death with the Angel of Death, a.k.a. Joe Black (Pitt). Here, the infamous Joe Black comes to earth possessing the body of a human to escort the soul of Parrish. But while doing so, he is drawn to Parrish's daughter, Dr. Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani), who has apparently already met Joe before the body was inhabited, and unknowingly, also reciprocates the attraction.


But while the three-hour-long film exhibited a romance-drama spectacle that aimed to tug at one's heartstrings, it garnered mixed reviews and almost minimal to no mass appeal during its release. According to a report by IndieWire, the movie's $44 million gross served as its laurel wreath -- albeit a $90 million budget -- and was still considered a box office bomb in the U.S. 

But how, after almost 21 years, did such an unlauded film start to resurface in social media trend? Or shall we say, in Joe Black's terms, resurrect from the dead?

Twitter user @ladyastronauty's one-minute video repost last year takes credit for the film's fortuitous burst of popularity, with a comic yet tactful caption that said, "This is the most bonkers one minute of a movie I have ever seen."

It revealed a short clip from the movie where Black and Dr. Parrish were exchanging goodbyes, with both characters forgetting to even introduce themselves. The eventual turnout of this now-favored scene was how they turn around just to catch another glimpse of the other at the most predictably wrong moments and never catch each other's eye. 

Yet what was most exceptional about this scene, the one major part that greatly contributed in this whole social media outburst, was the sudden mishap that crossed Black after the never-ending glimpse-catching. He was hit by not just one, but two running cars, according to Nylon. And even worse, he was still on the pedestrian lane. 

This clip caught the attention of netizens once more and reminded them that this scene exists.


So with the tweets about this currently iconic scene, where the famed charming actor gets his body insanely tossed over and over by two cars almost as if it were a volleyball tournament, the movie is passively gaining its deserved recognition 21 years after its release. All thanks to Twitter.