Lady Gaga, on several occasions, has contested the dating rumor with Bradley Cooper and despite showing off her recent date, Dan Horton, the rumor still continued. So much so with the recent reports alleging that the relationship buzz could’ve turned into reality if Cooper was to commit.

Quoting the National Enquirer, New Idea reported that there were sources who told the publication that Cooper held the key to Lady Gaga’s heart. The anonymous source claimed that Cooper was, reportedly, hesitating to take a leap and star a relationship with his “A Star Is Born” co-star.

Claiming further, these sources said that until Cooper stops dragging his feet and commits – 100 percent – to the relationship with Lady Gaga, the 33-year-old actress would move on with her life.

Other than Cooper, Lady Gaga was reportedly linked with “Avenger’s: Endgame” actor Jeremy Renner. But one of the tipsters claimed that the “Born This Way” singer was just having fun and there were no strings attached to these— quote-unquote— friendly relationships.

Amidst the dating rumor and relationship entanglement (not that she couldn’t handle it), one predicament was added to the on-going controversies in Lady Gaga’s life. The American singer – songwriter is now being accused of plagiarism involving the song “Shallow.”

Lady Gaga and Cooper dating rumor intensified when the “A Star Is Born” lead stars sang the said song a few months back. Many believed that they had the perfect chemistry, hence, fans believed that their on-screen romance may have continued in the real life.

Lady Gaga, in response to the overwhelming assumptions of people about her and Cooper, said that the song was about love. They rehearsed for it and that’s what they want to show people. Now, she’s being sued because of that song.

Steven Ronsen, a songwriter who plans to file a lawsuit against Lady Gaga, pointed out that the three-note portion of the said song was similar to the tune of “Almost,” a song he released in 2012, Latest LY conveyed, citing New York Post and Fox News’ report.

Mark Shirian, Ronsen’s legal counsel, issued a statement to US Weekly on August 8, stating that they have provided Lady Gaga’s legal team with an official report concerning the matter at hand, in an effort to provide an amicable resolve. Ronsen’s team requested for a report to counter their musicologist’s official report but they have waited for months and received nothing thus far.

Lady Gaga’s legal defense lawyer, Orin Snyder, on the other hand claimed that the accusation was just a ploy to make easy money. Repudiating the claims of Ronsen’s counsel, Snyder said that they have provided them with correspondence containing findings from multiple leading musicologists revealing that there were no actionable similarities between the said songs, US Weekly exclusive reported.