Brandi Boyd isn’t holding back, and completely goes off on her “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” co-star Moniece Slaughter in a sneak peek of the Season 3 reunion. Brandi also has a few choice words for Moniece’s BFF, returning cast member Masika Kalysha.

In a clip of Sunday’s episode, posted on, Moniece explains to host Nina Parker why so many of the girls have an issue with her. According to Moniece, it’s because of the drama that happened last season when several of the girls attacked her parenting skills. “If everyone would have kept their mouth shut then none of this would have ever even come about,” Moniece says. “Their go-to is my motherhood and you open the can of worms, you open Pandora’s Box and you don’t know what might pop out of it.”

That’s when Brandi jumps into the conversation saying that Moniece’s Pandora’s Box is full of “lies” and is a “fraud.” She adds: “A bunch of bulls---, that’s what popped out. ... You lied on me and my family.”

Brandi and her nemesis start arguing, and suddenly Nikki Mudarris jumps into the conversation slamming Moniece for always playing the victim. “I know this first hand, for myself,” Nikki says. “You try to bully people, and play this victim.” Nikki then calls out her co-star for sliding into Safaree Samuels’ DMs. Moniece claims her Instagram message to Safaree was strictly business and about her music, and Safaree agrees.

However, the reunion drama isn’t over yet. When Parker asks Masika her thoughts on the situation, the “Andale” singer makes it clear that she’s not O.K. with everyone ganging up on her BFF. Then, Brandi jumps back into the conversation cutting Masika off to let her know that she thinks she’s “trash.”

“I think you’re pathetic because you play like you’re above s---, but you team up with this girl [Moniece] and do messy s---,” Brandi yells at Masika. “You are just as messy.” Brandi is clearly aggravated and jumps up to confront both Brandi and Masika, but her husband Max Boyd grabs her to hold her back.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3 reunion airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.