Warning: Video content may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

On July 6, 20-year-old Brazilian funk singer, rapper and artist Daniel Pellegrine, known through his stage name MC Daleste, was shot onstage, suffering a bullet wound to the abdomen, while performing at a concert over the weekend in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The singer and artist died on Sunday, July 7, after being transported to Hospital Municipal Paulinia, succumbing to his injury.

In a video released on YouTube, the singer is seen singing and chatting with the crowd, when suddenly the performer is sent backward and down to the ground after an audible pop, which turned out to be a gunshot. The music stopped as his bandmates rushed to his aid as the audience looked on. A second video shows the rapper getting up briefly after being shot, with audience members screaming after they realized what happened to the singer.

The singer’s father Roland Pellegrine, told G1 Brazil that his son was killed out of envy.

“It was envy. Jealously kills,” said Pellegrine to G1.

The late singer was buried on the morning of Monday, July 8, in the Cemetery of Vila Formosa, Sao Paulo. Police have opened up an investigation into the murder of Pellegrine.