Breaking Bad has ended with a dramatic series finale- Did it end the way we had hoped and expected? IBT Senior Media and Culture Editor Ellen Killoran weighs in on the drama. IBT

In an epic finale, the show that has captivated us for five seasons, "Breaking Bad," has ended. With the series’ main character Walter White dying, and Jesse with a chance for redemption, everyone is weighing in on the ending. Was Walt’s death something we all saw coming?

IBT Senior Media and Culture Editor Ellen Killoran sat down with IBTimesTV to share her thoughts about the finale and whether the producers made a wise choice with ending the cult series in the peak of its popularity. With each episode the ratings only grew, and it fast became the show everyone was watching.

But this may not be the end for "Breaking Bad," as it has been reported that the morally corrupt lawyer, Saul Goodman, will be getting his own spinoff. But in the meantime, what will we be watching now that "Breaking Bad" is well and truly over?