Skinny Pete
Charles Baker appears as Skinny Pete in “Breaking Bad.” AMC

With only seven episodes of “Breaking Bad” left until the bitter end, the almost-apocalyptic flash-forward seen in last week’s show makes clear that hard times are ahead for most of the characters, many of whom aren’t likely to make it out of the series alive.

Charles Baker, the actor behind Jesse Pinkman’s methhead best friend Skinny Pete, refused to say whether his character dies during the final season of “Breaking Bad,” but he did share with the Hollywood Reporter the way he’d like Pete to expire on-screen. In a recent interview, Baker said he wants Skinny Pete to go out crying, so his final moments are memorable.

“Around my third or fourth episode, one of the writers or producers was watching a scene, and they were standing next to me and said, ‘You know, you're pretty much auditioning for your next episode every episode you do,’” Baker said. “So every time I got a script, the first thing I checked was, ‘Do I live?’”

Then, Baker said, “Somewhere in the middle of the third season I told the writers, ‘If you kill me, make sure I’m crying, make it an emotional scene, because it’s going to be hard for me not to go: I don't want to die.’”

According to the actor: “I worked hard at not getting killed off, which included being the nicest person I could be on-set and off. You won’t find any blooper reels of me messing up or making jokes on camera because I’m not going to waste anybody’s time. I’m not going to give them an excuse.”

Although Baker has his own vision for Skinny Pete’s death, he acknowledged that it’s not his call to make. And he refused to clarify anything about the final season. “If they were going to kill me, I was hoping they would wait until the very end,” Baker said. “Of course, we'll have to see how that happens -- if that happens or not.”

Watch Baker’s full interview with the Hollywood Reporter below: