Brian Griffin died on “Family Guy” and that’s pretty much what everyone is talking about. With such rampant speculation and next to no answers, oddsmakers have set up some betting lines for the return of Brian and which “Family Guy” character may meet the same fate.

Some fans believe Brian will come back shortly and a countdown website gave some credence to the speculation, although the site was later proven to be a hoax. Paddy Power is agreeing with fans, putting 2/1 odds on the return of Brian by the end of the 13th season, the show is currently in the middle of its 12th season. That’s an incredibly long stretch of time; IBT’s resident TV expert predicts a return by the “Family Guy” Christmas special. The original Brian, no clones or alternate universe versions, must return as a permanent character, and confirmed by producers, in order to collect on the bet.

Unfortunately there are no other odds for Brian’s return but there are other “Family Guy”-related bets for more adventurous fans. Paddy Power is offering odds for the last season of “Family Guy,” with 9/2 odds for the 12th, 3/1 for the 13th season, 2/1 for the 14th season and 6/4 odds for 15th or later. Considering the show was canceled twice early by Fox, after the second season in 2000 and after the third season in 2001, the show’s long run, as well as the fervor over Brian’s death, is a testament to the very loyal fan base.

For the more morbid fans, Paddy Power has you covered and have set up odds for the next “Family Guy” character to be killed off on the show. Joe Swanson and Glenn Quagmire are favored by the oddsmakers, at 4/1 odds. There is a caveat though as the character’s death must be permanent and the show’s producers have to confirm the character will never return. Of the Griffin family, Meg Griffin has been deemed the most likely to die, at 9/2 odds, with Chris Griffin at 5/1 odds and Lois Griffin has 6/1 odds. Brian’s replacement, Vinnie, also has 6/1 odds. As for Stewie and Peter, Paddy Power has them as long shots, both have 16/1 odds.