“Bride and Prejudice” shows engaged couples who are dealing with families who disapprove of their relationships. Their parents have prejudices that are strong enough to have a serious effect on these relationships, and relationship gurus like Pastor Cal Roberson, a “Married at First Sight” expert, try to help them sort it out on the Lifetime reality show.

In an International Business Times exclusive sneak peek (seen above), Blair’s mother Kelly says she is “in shock” about the engagement. “I’m still trying to process the whole situation,” Kelly says.

Blair is determined to marry Chris, and Kelly asks why she wants to do this. “What do you mean why? I love him,” the bride reasons.

“I just don’t know why you would say yes to something that you’re not a hundred thousand percent sure about. That’s a life commitment,” her mother says.

Despite the criticism, Blair tries to keep her cool and asks her mother to respect her decision-making skills. Kelly claims they don’t know enough about Chris’ history. She knows his mother is North Korean, but she doesn’t know much else about Blair’s future mother-in-law.

“I don’t know anything about the mother,” Kelly said. “I don’t know how she raised him. I don’t know how has that influenced your life. But underneath it all, he has no relationship with her. When a man doesn’t have a relationship with his mother, he truly doesn’t really respect women because he’s not been taught to respect women.”

Pastor Cal asks if she believes Chris doesn’t respect Blair. Kelly considers it “a possibility.”

Blair interjects to say that there has been some family drama recently. Chris’ parents just got divorced after 30 years of marriage. Blair believes he took his father’s side, but Chris hasn’t directly told her that. He has only said that his mother revealed she no longer wanted a relationship with him. He didn’t exactly specify what led to that bombshell.

Kelly thinks that the couple is “not being fully, fully honest with each other.” Yet it doesn’t seem like Blair agrees. She doesn’t think that anything she discovered would change her feelings for Chris, and it seems she doesn’t mind being in the dark.

“Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love
Blair is pictured in "Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love." Lifetime/Kinetic Content