Bring back Harambe
'America's most hated man' Martin Shkreli claimed he will "resurrect" Harambe, the western lowland gorilla which was fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28, 2016. JOHN SOMMERS II/GETTY IMAGES

Remember Harambe? What if there was a possibility of bringing him back to life? That’s what ‘the most hated man in America’ Martin Shkreli is attempting to do, or so he is tweeting.

Shkreli has been called a lot of things — a “morally bankrupt sociopath”, a “scumbag”, a “garbage monster” and “everything that is wrong with capitalism.” His company in 2015 acquired the rights to the drug Daraprim which is used to treat a rare parasitic infection. Before the acquisition the drug cost $13.50 per pill and when Shkreli took over, he announced that it would cost $750.

He was also involved in several lawsuits in which he was reportedly accused of scheming to take money from former employers, making “false and misleading statements”, deceiving “the investing public” and using social media to harass the family of a man with whom he had a business dispute.

He invited more hate on Twitter when he announced Friday, “Harambe? I pulled the trigger. So what. Not a crime.”

However, on Saturday, he tweeted a screengrab of an email he sent to Kazuhiro Saeki, senior author of a 2009 study which showed that live clones can be produced from the frozen cells of dead animals. In his tweet, Shkreli asked the world to “prepare for the resurrection of Harambe.”

He posted more tweets with screengrabs of his emails to different scientists regarding Harambe’s “resurrection.”

A few hours later, he shifted focus to bringing “a Shkreli brain in a Harambe body.” He eventually changed his name on Twitter to Shkarambe with an edited picture of himself as the western lowland gorilla.

The 400-pound male gorilla was fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo when a four-year-old fell into its enclosure. The shooting sparked public outrage with several petitions and a #JusticeForHarambe hashtag making the rounds demanding that the child’s parents be punished.

The Cincinnati Zoo twitter page is still on the receiving end of snide comments over the incident.