Britney Spears (L) and boyfriend Sam Asghari are expecting a child, says the pop star
Britney Spears (L) and boyfriend Sam Asghari are expecting a child, says the pop star AFP / VALERIE MACON


  • Britney Spears and Sam Asghari dined at JOEY Friday night
  • The patrons recognized her and pulled out their phones to record the incident
  • She reportedly went manic, so Asghari stormed out of the restaurant

Britney Spears went "manic" while dining out with her husband, Sam Asghari, according to a report.

Spears, 41, caused a scene Friday night at a restaurant in Los Angeles. She and Asghari were dining at JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills when she had a bizarre meltdown that prompted her husband to storm out, TMZ reported.

The "Toxic" singer and the Iranian-American model-actor reportedly arrived with a bodyguard. The people immediately noticed Spears, and some pulled out their cell phones and shot footage of the singer. In the video, the songstress holds up a menu to cover her face from the cameras. Spears allegedly got pissed, and things escalated quickly.

She reportedly became "manic" and was heard yelling and talking gibberish. Her speech was unrecognizable. Sam got visibly upset and walked out.

Spears was reportedly left sitting alone at the table and was speaking incoherently. Two minutes later, she got up and left. Her bodyguard reportedly returned to pay the bill.

Page Six reached out to Spears' reps but did not immediately receive a response. Asghari's rep reportedly declined to comment.

The restaurant's manager also told the outlet that they could not "disclose any information" or confirm that the couple was there.

Spears has struggled with mental health issues due to the stresses of her 13-year conservatorship. She was reportedly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has spoken out about allegedly being held at a mental facility against her will and forced to take medications.

She once posted and deleted screenshots of text messages she sent her mom, friend and lawyer in 2019. "It's a little different with proof," she wrote in a since-deleted post on Instagram, Page Six reported.

"He was saying he wants to UP the seraquil [sic] and I'm like whoaaaaaaa horsey go f–k yourslwf [sic]," she sent a message to her mom, Lynne Spears. "Seraquil I thought was a sleep aid but it's for bipolar and is WAAAAAY Stronger than lithium."

It was unclear if Spears was referring to her father, Jamie Spears, who controlled her medical care as her conservator, or to her doctor. According to WebMD, Seroquel, also known as quetiapine, is an antipsychotic medication for mood disorders, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

"I literally feel alll [sic] the sick medicine in my stomach," she continued. "I feel like he's trying to kill me. I swear to god I do."

Spears and Asghari tied the knot in June 2022. Several of her celebrity friends attended her big day, including Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez and Donatella Versace. In a previous post on Instagram, she said she wasn't sure if she's fully "present" at the time.

"Wow, I got married this year," the singer wrote. "Not sure I was honestly that PRESENT because I haven't had real consciousness in 3 years."

She continued, "There was a lot of talking and SPEAKING at the party!!! Not for me, unfortunately, because when you can't breathe, your body can't relax enough to speak!!!"

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