Britney Spears
Britney Spears smiles at the audience as she performs during a sold-out show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas as she kicks off the second leg of her "Dream Within a Dream" tour May 24, 2002. Spears is touring to promote her multi-platinum third album "Britney." REUTERS/Ethan Miller EM

In the late 90's Britney Spears emerged as a pop sensation who showed few signs of slowing down. She was vibrant, down to earth, and was known for her showstopping performances. Not only did she wow onstage, her catchy songs and music videos kept everyone talking. This was also true of her relationship with Justin Timberlake, which began when they were just tweens. The adorable golden couple seemed to be a perfect match. Many believed the singer would go on to take Madonna's place as the Queen of Pop. Yet the pressures of fame and the breakdown of her relationship with Timberlake spawned a series of bizarre public behavior and professional blunders. Spears' performances became sloppy, her songs less alluring, and her album sales dwindled. It didn't help that she was photographed doing things only impoverished hillbillies would be inclined to do. This included: getting married for 5 minutes, walking out of a rest stop bathroom with no shoes, driving with an infant in her lap, shaving her head in the middle of the night, and constantly forgetting to put on underwear.

Her short marriage to baby daddy/back-up dancer Kevin Federline was considered one of her worst moves. Following the demise of the marriage, Spears was hauled into a physiological treatment center. It is believed that Spears attempted suicide before she was committed. After a horrid comeback performance at the MTV VMA's, Spears began to clean up her act. She focused on her music, embarked on a successful tour, and began to look more presentable. Though few have been able to get past the singer's personal struggles, she has proven to be on the right track. Glee even devoted an entire episode to her legacy. These days, she tends to shy away from the limelight and seldom falls prey to the tabloids.

Now it seems Spears is set to make the ultimate comeback. E! is reporting that Spears may join forces with Simon Cowell to become the next X-Factor judge! She'll receive a whopping $15 million to be a part of the reality competition. That's not all! Spear's fiance Jason Trawick may be taking on the role of producer for the hit series. If the deal goes through, Spears will be one of the highest paid TV stars! In honor of the pop star's possible comeback, here are some of her hottest photos.