Britney Spears had taken a break from her career to be with her ailing father. The singer is now reportedly ready to get back to work after her father’s health has improved.

A source close to Spears has confirmed that her father’s health has improved, US Weekly reported. The singer is now ready to get back to work, and the source added that she is “excited” about it.

Spears had previously postponed her “Domination” residency after her father was hospitalized. Her father had suffered a spontaneous colon rupture and had to undergo an emergency surgery.

Just prior to taking a break, Spears was working on her 10th studio album with executive producer Justin Tranter. A source has confirmed that she will continue to work with Tranter because she loves his work and feels comfortable working with him. The singer is eager to finish her next album and release it as soon as it’s done.

The career break appears to have been a good thing. The source pointed out that Spears had been working continuously for four years with her “Piece of Me” residency. The source explained that taking on the next project without a break would have been a challenge.

With her father’s health improving, the source confirmed that the family is “stronger than ever” after facing “this very scary time.” Spears’ also got a lot of support from her two sons and her boyfriend Sam Asghari. The insider also added that the singer is grateful for the fans for being so understanding.

Although Spears may be just getting back to the studio to finish her next album, she has already finished work on another project. The singer has a surprise cameo in the upcoming horror flick “Corporate Animals,” US Weekly reported. There is a scene in the film involving the ghost of Spears, and the singer leant her voice for this scene. This is just a voice role, and she will not be seen in the movie.

Last month, Spears celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of her first album. The singer marked the day by sharing a throwback picture of her album on Instagram and thanking her fans for supporting her for two decades.