Britney Spears has slammed tabloids for sharing "constant lies" about her. She said it was "extremely disturbing."

"The constant lies from the media and TMZ have felt like borderline harassment," she wrote on Instagram on Thursday. "It's extremely disturbing, due to the fact of how incredibly important it is at this time in my life to be supported and respected !!!"

She went on to note how the media had always spread lies about her, which she said was "incredibly heartbreaking."

"I meditate over hope and excitement for my future !!! I have transformed my whole life with the elimination of my conservatorship and I deserve respect," the 41-year-old singer explained. "It's almost embarrassing commenting on this because of how completely outrageous what's being said is !!!"

The singer said it's her "right to protect myself from the cruelty of the outside world."

She also shared a video clip from the 1960s TV show "The Andy Griffith Show," where actor Andy Griffith and young Ron Howard can be seen having a conversation about circulating stories that are mean and unkind about people.

"Just because somebody said something doesn't mean it has to be printed," Griffith tells Howard in the video. "You don't circulate stories that are mean and unkind about people. There are too many other stories to put in, nice stories."

Howard responded, "When we put in the nice kinda stories, nobody wanted to buy the paper."

Spears' post came after a video she shared on Instagram sparked concerns about the singer's well-being. In the video, the singer used an Australian accent as she flaunted her new dress.

However, fans pointed out that the video looked scary and some also speculated that she was under Project MKUltra, an illegal program for mind control.

Spears was previously under a conservatorship that gave her father, Jamie Spears, the right to take her personal and professional decisions. However, the conservatorship ended in 2021 after almost 14 years.

The singer got married to model Sam Asghari in June last year.

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