Brody Jenner poses at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles
Brody Jenner poses at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. Reuters

Brody Jenner says he has faith in the parenting skills of his stepsister Kim Kardashian.

"She's a wonderful human being. I've watched her with Penelope and Mason, Kourtney's kids, and she is the best," Jenner told Digital Spy. "She is one of the most incredible mothers to them, so I can only imagine what she's going to be when she has one to call her own."

Kim gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend. Speculation has swirled about the baby's name and Kaidence Donda West recently topped the list of possibilities -- but as of now, no name has been confirmed.

Jenner also praised his stepsister for being so transparent about the difficulties she experienced during her pregnancy and "airing everything of her life on the show."

"(She) just put it all out there. She's pregnant, she's emotional, she's this and that, and then she's got to read all this stuff."

He criticized the hurtful attention she received during her pregnancy. "Kim has been so stressed out with all the negative media attention and it disgusts me, like how negative everybody is," he said. "Like, 'Oh, she's gaining weight' -- yeah, she's pregnant! Big f**king deal -- let her gain weight. These are supposed to be the most incredible moments of this girl's life, being pregnant, being happy, and everybody just puts her down."

Jenner recently expressed disappointment that his father, Bruce Jenner, wasn't around more when he was growing up and said he plans to use that experience to make sure he's a good uncle.

"The one thing I will do hopefully in my latter years of life is do the things that I always grew up wishing that my father did with me, so if there's one thing that I will be, it's a great uncle, it's a great father. I'm going to do everything different in my life because I lived it, I did it. So I'm excited to be an uncle -- I can't wait."