A Texas teen killed his unwed pregnant sister claiming that she was an embarrassment to the family, cops said.

Eduardo Arevalo, 19, is facing capital murder charges for killing his sister who was eight months pregnant. He told cops that he killed his sister because she was an “embarrassment to their family” and stated that “it would be better off that she wasn’t here.”

Viridiana Arevalo, 23, was reported missing a week ago by her boyfriend. Her body was discovered Sunday in an alleyway by neighbors who then called the cops.

Eduardo became a suspect after police reviewed the footage from surveillance cameras in the alley.

Cops arrested Eduardo and he confessed to killing his sister and making it look like a suicide. According to reports, he strangled and killed his sister on Dec. 16, a day before she was reported missing. He then put her body in a trunk and drove for an hour before ditching it an empty spot outside the town.

He even wrote a suicide letter which the family found, to make them believe Viridiana had committed suicide.

“It’s not what our officers and detectives wanted to be dealing with two days before Christmas,” Sgt. Aaron Woodard of The Colony Police Department told a news conference, the Dallas Morning News reported.

As the week passed by, Eduardo wanted his family to know where Viridiana was, so he went and picked up her body from out of town and dumped it in the alleyway Sunday morning.

“Eduardo stated that he killed Viridiana in the home, then placed her body in his vehicle and transported her to an area outside of The Colony where the body would not be discovered. In the early morning hours of Sunday, December 22nd Eduardo then went back to the location he originally placed Viridiana’s body at, and transported her back to The Colony, where he dumped her body,” the Colony Police Department said in a statement.

“We really want to thank members of the community for sharing their home surveillance and doorbell cameras with us because that really assisted the investigation and helped piece together the timeline for this,” Sgt. Aaron Woodard told KDFW.

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