A bloodied and bruised woman reportedly asked an Illinois store cashier for help before being dragged away by a man who was allegedly holding her captive. She was later safely located and the suspect was arrested for the alleged kidnapping.

Surveillance footage from the Advanced Auto Parts store in Dolton showed the woman's encounter with the cashier Sunday. Her age and identity were not released, WGN TV reported.

The woman entered the store at around 5 p.m. and asked the cashier for help, saying the suspect was holding her captive, police said. She met the man on a dating app.

"She was being held against her will. She met a man on some kind of dating app. The clerk also stated he could see visible bruises on her, injuries and appeared to be a little distraught," said Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins, reported ABC 7 Chicago.

The suspect arrived within moments, told the woman it was "enough" and then dragged her out of the store. The man forced her into a white Chevy mini-van and drove away toward the west on Sibley Boulevard.

The cashier told cops that the woman appeared to have been attacked and was bleeding. She had "obvious" bruising to her neck and arms and was reportedly wearing a bandage on her right arm that was still wet with blood.

"They tried to stall as long as they could while they called police, but he became impatient and took her out of the store," Collins added.

Dolton police, along with FBI sleuths, immediately launched a search for the woman and put out information about the suspect. He was described as a Black man dressed in a black jogging outfit with green shoes that had no laces.

Police found a vehicle Monday morning and identified it as the one in which the suspect drove off with the woman. However, they could not locate either of them immediately.

Officials announced Monday afternoon that the woman was safely located. The suspect was taken into custody, but the possible charges in the case were not revealed. The incident is being treated as a possible kidnapping.

Police lights
Representation. Lights of a police car. MagnusGuenther/Pixabay