Bruno Mars Beyonce
Bruno Mars, pictured Sunday, started conspiracy theories when he yelled Beyonce's name before she announced the winner of Record of the Year. Getty Images

Did Bruno Mars know something about the Grammys everyone else didn’t? Before Beyoncé announced Mark Ronson won Record of the Year for “Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars,” the “Marry You” singer screamed “Let’s do this, Beyoncé.” Of course, seconds later she revealed Mars and Ronson won for Record of the Year.

Some assumed there was some type of Illuminati conspiracy involved, since Beyoncé and Mars performed together with Coldplay at Super Bowl 50. The other theory is that he confused Beyoncé by yelling her name, so she just announced his back.

However, it might not have been that complex.

Mars posted numerous photos of a passing around a flask to various celebrities the day of the Grammys. It could have been that he was just drunk and was excited for Beyoncé to announce the winner. “I'm gettin everybody drunk! Best Collab and Record of the year!” he captioned a photo of Ronson drinking from a flask.

While intoxication probably played into this theory too, Mars might have just been confident that he was going to take home the award. He probably got hyped as Beyoncé was unraveling the envelope and then yelled her name. Hours before the awards ceremony took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, he posted a video to Instagram with the following caption: "Practicing our strut for when we win RECORD OF THE YEAR!!!"

Neither Beyoncé nor Mars have addressed his outburst at the Grammys. Beyoncé has long been rumored to be in the Illuminati, a claim she denies. She addressed the gossip in her new song, “Formation.” She sings in the first line of the refrain, “Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess.”

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