The BTS army was in celebration mode on Sunday morning after learning the group’s first English song, “Dynamite” has broken a major YouTube. record. Upon its release, the music video to the song received 101.1 million views within its first 24 hours.

Creative contributions on “Dynamite” include David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, known for songs like the Jonas Brothers’ “What A Man Gotta Do” and “I Love You’s” by Hailee Steinfeld.

“BTS sings of joy and confidence, treasuring the little things in life that make life truly valuable and special. The song aims to bring a new surge of much-needed ‘energy’ to reinvigorate the global community in the midst of Covid-19,” a press release stated.

After learning of the news, fans couldn’t help but celebrate the group’s latest accomplishment.

“It’s confirmed! We basically surpassed our goal! Congratulation! ‘Dynamite’ MV has officially break the new record for the most viewed video on Youtube in the first 24 hours with over 101.1 million views. It is the highest record on YouTube! #Dynamite100MViewsIn24Hrs,” one fan tweeted.

USA Today's Fatima Fahra added, “101.1 million views for the Dynamite MV in the first 24 hours, and 12,638,540 debut streams on the Spotify counter. BTS are record breakers and record setters, and there’s absolutely no denying it anymore.”

Meanwhile, one fan was in disbelief over the group’s popularity. “I’m still thinking how @BTS_twt a Korean group hit 101.1 million views on youtube in 24 hours singing in English,” the individual wrote.

Blackpink’s “How You Like That,” previously held the record when the song’s debut in June earned around 86.3 million views in the first 24 hours of its release.

Fans of the K-pop group can catch a live version of “Dynamite” when BTS performs the song for the first time at the 2020 Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. EDT on MTV.

BTS at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve
The boy band BTS is pictured. Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions