• Selena Gomez recently dropped a doll version music video of her "Rare" album's song "Boyfriend" 
  • Following the exact storyline of the original music video, the roles were reenacted by dolls shot in stop-motion
  • The song's new version also featured dolls taken from BTS' 2019 collaboration with Mattel

BTS fans gushed over Selena Gomez's new “Boyfriend” music video after they spotted the K-pop boy band making a surprise doll cameo.

The pop songstress’ video was an exact replica of her original one, but Gomez and her co-stars were portrayed by their doll counterparts, which were shot in stop-motion. The video was directed by the trending Instagram doll account @selenagomez.doll following the music video’s exact storyline. In the video, the Selena doll goes on a series of failed dates with a set of boy dolls, who end up magically turned into a frogs just like in the original video.

Right when the video debuted, eagle-eyed members of BTS' fandom Army immediately spotted the K-pop boy band’s subtle cameo hidden among the other boy dolls. The toys fans spotted were Jin and Jungkook’s dolls from the collection of their 2019 Mattel collaboration.

In the doll version video, Jin’s doll got a close-up scene while Jingkook’s looked a bit more diminished in the first few clips. But at the 1:06 mark, the redheaded doll sporting a denim piece becomes more apparent in the background.

Also in the first part of the video, the brunette pop singer’s doll walks through a wardrobe of clothes where fans noticed that some of the apparel also belonged to the BTS’ Mattel collection. Check out the music video’s new version below.

Gomez might not know about the funny crossover with the K-pop band just yet, but the septet’s fandom is currently showering the songstress with praise. Army took to social media to express their enthusiasm regarding their favorite members’ cameo on the Gomez’s “Rare” album single.

In an interview with Teen Vogue via Instagram direct message, the artist behind the Selena doll account discussed the process of directing the stop-motion doll video. "The filming process takes a long time!" the artist and his team shared. "It’s usually just me sitting behind the camera moving the doll a little bit the taking the picture, and then repeating several thousand times.”

The artist also revealed the reason why he made use of the BTS Mattel collection for the video reprise. "I used the BTS dolls in my video because they have a lot of articulation, so it’s easy for me to move their arms and to position them however I want to!" the artist shared.

BTS, seen here at the Grammy's in January, have already smashed records with more than 4 million pre-orders for their new album
BTS, seen here at the Grammy's in January, have already smashed records with more than 4 million pre-orders for their new album GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / KEVORK DJANSEZIAN