BTS’ youngest member Jungkook shared a new boxing video on his Instagram page and promptly received multiple reactions from his bandmates.

In the short clip, the 24-year-old artist showed his new boxing moves as he practiced with a trainer. It seems Jungkook is using his time wisely while the band is on an extended break from their official duties.

As expected, the post garnered nearly 19 million views from loyal fans. His athletic inclination also earned praises from his bandmates who took to the comments section to encourage their friend in his favorite sport.

J-Hope, 27, was the first to comment on the clip and wrote “Taktakdeudududangdangdeukdeukdeukdeuktak,” seemingly imitating the punching sound inside the boxing ring. Jungkook found J-Hope’s comment hilarious and replied, “hehehehe.”

Kim Taehyung, also known as V, made sure the group’s youngest member is appreciated and wrote, “You’re good,” to which the boxing enthusiast replied, “tyty.”

The group’s leader RM made the last comment and wrote a cryptic message, “Jungkook-ah, first of all, I was wrong (I’m sorry)…”

Jungkook replied to their leader with confusion but added a little humor to it, saying, “What? kekekeke. (a Korean alternative to “hehehe”).

Since the launch of their Instagram pages in December, the Bangtan Boys have always liked and commented on each other’s posts much to the delight of their fans who miss their presence on stage.

When RM shared a snap of him enjoying a bus ride in the U.S. after their L.A. concerts, his bandmates quickly shared their thoughts about it.

“I should have gone on a trip too, I have no pictures to post,” BTS’ oldest member Jin said. RM replied to Jin and wrote “Kekeke.”

J-Hope also told RM, “I went on a trip..but I already posted all my pics haha.”

Meanwhile, V commented on J-Hope’s post and discussed the change in his appearance while in quarantine after coming back from the U.S. “My mustache grew out a lot. People will probably be shocked if I post that, right?”

The group is set to reunite soon for the reprise of their highly successful “Permission To Dance” concert in Seoul in March.

"See you in Seoul, MARCH 2022," BTS' official Twitter page wrote.

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