BTS’ youngest member Jungkook is ending 2021 with several #1’s under his belt. The “Dynamite” artist stole the hearts of his fans across the world as he is Google’s Most Searched K-pop Idol in 86 countries and also Quora’s #1 Most Followed K-pop Idol Topic. The list of his records doesn’t end here.

This year, the 24-year-old singer and dancer is YouTube and Pinterest’s Most Searched Korean idol as well as photo sharing and blogging platform Tumblr’s Most Popular K-pop Idol. He also scores TikTok’s Most Viewed Individual Hashtag Ever, Koreaboo reported.

Aside from this, Jungkook is also the artist that got VLive’s Most Real Time Views, Likes and Comments during Live Stream, Twitter’s Most Liked Tweets for an Artist; and Yahoo! Japan and Singapore’s Most Searched K-pop Musician.

In November, Jungkook set a new record on Spotify after his solo song, “Euphoria,” reached nearly 300 million streams on the music sharing platform.

With a total of 292.8 million streams, “Euphoria” surpassed Psy’s “Gangnam Style” for the title of the most played track by a male Korean solo act on Spotify. The 2018 track was written by BTS leader Kim Nam-Joon, commonly known as RM, Melanie Joy Fontana, Adora, DJ Swivel, Candace Nicole Sosa, "Hitman" Bang and Supreme Boi.

Jungkook, or JK for his adoring fans, earlier dropped hints about the release of his solo mixtape which fans fondly refer to as “JJK1.”

In an interview with Billboard in May, Jungkook hinted on the release of his own mixtape and revealed that his perfectionist tendencies sometimes slow down the release of new music.

“When I create something and come back to it later, I feel like I can do better,” he said, adding: “But then Suga gave me a piece of advice that it doesn’t have to be perfect…so I’m working hard searching for my own color.”

Meanwhile, BTS took home the Special International Music Award for the second time in this year’s Japan Record Awards -- the Japanese equivalent to the Grammy Awards.

A video of the septet’s performance of “Butter” from their recent “Permission To Dance – L.A.” concert was aired at the awards ceremony as they were unable to perform in person due to an official break from boyband duties.

Pictures of singer Jungkook from K-pop band BTS were used to promote a campaign to relax laws on tattoos
Pictures of singer Jungkook from K-pop band BTS were used to promote a campaign to relax laws on tattoos GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Rich Fury