While some are questioning whether BTS will continue performing as a group in the years to come, these chart-toppers believe they can still rock the music scene even until they reach middle age and older.

As the group stepped into their “second chapter” following their controversial announcement last week, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook gathered for an interview where they described their future and what it means for their legions of fans across the globe.

The septet was asked to describe “BTS far into the future in seven words,” in the “77Q 77A” interview released on the group’s official YouTube page Tuesday.

“I’ll go with ‘Pretty cool guys in their 30s.’ I hope BTS are just as cool in our 30s,” band leader RM replied.

“Super Tuna” singer Jin went farther ahead into the future and said, “Bangtan Middle-Aged and Seniors.”

“We’ve been the Bangtan Boys and now we’re the Bangtan Adults. We’re going to age as we are so that’s my answer,” he explained.

Rapper Suga assured fans, known as ARMY, that “whatever happens, it will be okay,” and that they will continue working together “for as long as they can.”

Main dancer J-Hope cited their successful show, “Run BTS” in describing their future as a group.

“Okay. I’ll go with ‘Let’s go, run BTS.’ It’s very familiar yet has some weight to it. Because we’ve used this phrase for a long time and it’s a combination of words that really suit BTS so I think it’s a great title for us,” he replied.

Noting the possibility of many broken hearts since their announcement, Jimin assured fans that there is nothing to worry. “You don’t have to worry about us,” he said with his signature smile.

Meanwhile, V told fans that the passage of time will not steal BTS’ zest for life. “Even if we’re old, we’re still young. Even when we age, we’ll still enjoy youth,” he said.

Jungkook assured ARMY that there will be more moments to share and celebrate together and said, “Moment is yet to come.”

To quash the rumors of disbandment, HYBE CEO Park Jiwon earlier clarified that even as individual activities for each member of the boy band have already been set, they will continue to promote their latest album “Proof” as a group along with other band activities.

Analysts say that South Korea's mandatory military service for young men may be a major factor behind BTS' decision
Analysts say that South Korea's mandatory military service for young men may be a major factor behind BTS' decision AFP / MARK RALSTON