BTS' Suga has dropped the official music video for "Give It To Me," the second track off his mixtape "Agust D."

Following the release of Suga's mixtape and the music video for his title track "Agust D" on Tuesday, Aug. 16, the BTS rapper has released another visual, this time for hard-hitting track "Give It To Me." The music video was released via the official YouTube channel of BigHit Entertainment, BTS' agency on Thursday.

The "Give It To Me" music video appears to be a continuation of the "Agust D" one, though this time the background is set in a ravaged city instead of a cramped, dirty room. With occasional flashbacks to the "Agust D" music video, Suga has successfully gotten rid of the restraints that kept him tied down and trapped in the room, only to find himself in a ghost town with nothing but abandoned cars and destruction everywhere.

In "Give It To Me," Suga, who goes by his alter ego Agust D for his solo debut, raps about the success he's achieved as an artist in the cutthroat Korean music industry and what he's done to get where he is today, rapping, "If you ask me how I've succeeded, I don't really have an answer / But at least, I slept less and stayed active compared to you all to grow up."

"I can't live like a dog when I'm born to be a tiger / Pour me whatever you have, liquor, money or honor, I never beg for it / Whatever you're holding in your hands, I have no desire / I only do what I have to do, law of jungle? / The political world within the word 'success,'" he raps in the track (via @papercrowns).

Suga has another music video coming out, but there's no official word yet on when the visual for "So Far" Away" will be released. There's also no confirmation about whether or not Korean indie singer SURAN, who features on the track, will appear in the music video alongside Suga.

While waiting for his third release, check out Suga's "Give It To Me" music video below and tell us what you think in the comments! To listen to the BTS rapper's complete mixtape, "Agust D," click here.