A recent bug in 'Destiny' may have revealed upcoming content. Courtesy/Bungie

When developer Bungie launched shooter “Destiny” Sept. 9, it promised fans future downloadable content for the open-world title. The first available expansion pack, “The Dark Below,” will reach players in December. However, a recent in-game bug captured by a YouTube user showed “Destiny” fans what future expansion packs may bring.

Check out the video below by YouTube user Scott M.

During the two-minute clip, the player gets locked out of all missions while a mysterious glitch displayed every mission on the map. Another “Destiny” player, Ben Kinsella, revealed on Twitter he was the first to encounter the in-game error. Kinsella posted a similar video clip Sunday.

The error revealed a number of new features -- including two new raids and new strikes. The names of the content in the video coincide with the names of upcoming DLC packs “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves.” “House of Wolves” is set for next year.

"Destiny" launched Sept. 9 for the PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Following its launch, the game reached $500 million in sales to retailers, making it the biggest launch of a new franchise.