• Bungie teased the return of the popular 3v3 multiplayer mode with Saint-14's space in the Tower
  • The mode has been on hiatus since the launch of "Destiny 2: Forsaken" in 2018
  • No official news or update on the mode has been provided by Bungie

Bungie teased the return of Trials of Osiris in “Destiny 2” with the arrival of Saint-14 as the newest vendor in the Tower on Friday.

Bungie dropped the hint about the game’s future with some new additions to the hanger portion of the Tower where Saint-14 is located. Most noticeable is a large rug bearing the Eye of Osiris that veteran Guardians associate with the popular Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode from the original “Destiny.”

Trials of Osiris was a 3v3 multiplayer elimination mode designed and catering to “Destiny’s” most competitive players trying to reach the original iteration of Mercury’s Lighthouse. Players needed to pick up a Trials card from the mode’s vendor, Brother Vance, and win seven games in Trials to reach the Lighthouse for rewards. However, players would have to start over completely if they lost three games before winning the seven required games.

Extra gear was rewarded if players could complete their cards without losing a single game.

“Destiny 2” offered a revamped version of the mode, called Trials of the Nine, when the game launched in 2017. However, the mode was met with lukewarm reactions from fans and critics alike that didn’t enjoy some of the changes made to the mode.

Bungie ultimately decided to put the mode on “hiatus” when “Destiny 2: Forsaken” released in September of 2018.

Tuesday’s weekly reset brought with it a chance for Guardians to save one of the “Destiny” universe’s most beloved heroes, Saint-14, from the Infinite Forest on Mercury. “The greatest titan that ever lived” arrived to the Tower on Friday, bringing with him a few new quests for Guardians to dig into, including setting up the final obelisk in the Tower as part of “Season of Dawn’s” primary activity, the Sundial.