New Experience Economy: The World Needs More Chief Experience Officers

In many ways, the pandemic forced people across the globe to build their sense of patience. While quarantines were imposed, people stayed indoors and waited for the world to open up again. However, now that retail, restaurants, tourism and entire economies have opened their doors once again, consumers' patience when interacting with companies is being severely tested. The solution starts with reimagining a new C-suite role: the Chief Experience Officer.


Jenny Nuccio

The unconventional journey of Imani Collective: from a non-profit skills training organization to a global home decor brand

Driven by passion and empathy, a mission trip to Africa has evolved into a global ethical home decor brand, Imani Collective, which was established on the premise of Dr. Jenny Nuccio's passion for bridging the educational gaps for children. Her philanthropic desire led her to a rural settlement close to Mombasa in Kenya, where she founded the nonprofit organization in 2011, which began its humanitarian aid with the help of a powerful alliance with similar organizations in East Africa.
Anneloes Smitsman

Anneloes Smitsman - Thought Leadership Profile

As we emerged from the grips of a crippling global pandemic, many speculated that the 20s would present an opportunity to collectively press 'reset' and instigate some fundamental changes in the ways we treat the planet, one another, and perhaps, most crucially of all, ourselves.