A businessman in Saudi Arabia has been accused of paying over $10,000 (4 million riyals) worth of bribe to a top official to place his mother in jail. His case was moved to court.

The unidentified businessman allegedly paid the exorbitant amount to frame his mother for funding terrorist activities following a financial dispute. He had handed over a bank cheque of over $19 million (22 million riyals) to his mother but she insisted he owes her more.

The businessman presented a letter to the authorities concerned citing his mother was financing a terrorist group prior to giving the bribe. He used the said official as a mediator to furnish the letter, Gulf News reported.

He said his mother was visiting abroad to meet the terrorists. According to him, she used different sources to transfer funds to the group to aid their activity. He said his mother was a “danger to the country”.

The businessman later admitted to submitting the letter to the competent authorities but he denied having paid the bribe in exchange of her jail term. The official said he forwarded the communication based on the information obtained from the businessman. Ruling out the bribery accusations against him, the official said he was only carrying out his national and legal duties.

Pictured is a stack of one hundred dollar bills. OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images