C-POLAR is a solutions-based company offering a revolutionary technology that protects against viruses, pollen, bacteria and fungi. One of the most notable technologies they have produced is their pathogen-resistant air filter, which ensures a significant reduction in air-borne viruses and that filtration systems remain clean when used. C-POLAR uses trademarked vegetable-derived polymers that can be applied to materials, including air filters, which then imbues to the material with a stable positive charge.

As pathogens try to make their way through the material, the positively charged polymers prevent them from moving and eradicate them. The C-POLAR air filters can be applied to any existing air ventilation system, and once used, they report a large reduction in air borne viruses and other pathogens within three minutes.

Traditional air filters bring in clean air from outside, circulate it throughout the building, and it is extracted back outside of the building. With C-POLAR air filters you are able to re-circulate air throughout the building, thus reducing the amount of energy needed for this process. This also eliminates the need to reheat air through the circulation process, which greatly reduces the cost of energy.

The protected filters can also be installed into vehicle ventilation systems. Traveling long distances increases the chance of contracting an airborne pathogen for those in professions such as long haul flights or truck driving. As a result, C-POLAR is currently working with private sector organizations to give employees who drive long distances the chance to have their vehicles equipped with C-POLAR protected air filters. With the implementation of the air filters in these vehicles the workers are at a reduced risk of cross infection to other workplaces and employees. In addition to automotive vehicles, the air filtration technology can be installed in airplanes and trains.

The air filtration technology has been proven to eradicate 99.99% of pathogens that come into contact with it. It can therefore greatly impact many people who have underlying health issues, such as respiratory illnesses or long-term diagnosis.

"Air filters are a place where pathogens typically build up in large numbers. By recirculating air with C-POLAR polymer-based technologies, the chance for cross-infection greatly diminishes. It's really exciting to see how it is developing; I can see it literally changing the health industry as well as the environment we live in, with C-POLAR being in every building in the future, even in domestic homes. It has so much potential and I look forward to seeing the positive health effects for both the individual and health care providers," says Anthony Robson, CEO of C-POLAR, Ireland.