Now that Caitlyn Jenner is living as her true self, the 65-year-old can focus on what’s really important in life: her family. Prior to transitioning, Jenner struggled to maintain positive relationships with some of her children, a fact she was very open about in her interview with Diane Sawyer. Weeks have passed since ABC aired “Bruce Jenner: The Interview,” and it appears she has made some positive changes.

The former Olympian’s oldest daughter, Cassandra Marino, recently told People magazine she has a “much better” relationship with Caitlyn than she did with Bruce. The 34-year-old told the publication that prior to Jenner’s transition they “didn’t talk for years.” Now, however, Jenner often invites her daughter over for “girls’ night,” and they make sure to call each another when they can’t physically meet up. Marino said her transgendered father is “happier and more appreciative” of her children, and it shows.

“She is trying harder and there is a softness to Caitlyn that is new to me,” Marino said. “I think part of that is that when someone is happier, they are just nicer.”

In Jenner’s exclusive interview with ABC, she revealed that Marino and her brother Burt were the first of her children to learn of her gender identity struggle. In her interview with Vanity Fair, Jenner said it was their mother, Chrystie Jenner, who delivered the news. At the time, Caitlyn Jenner was still living publicly as a male but was having hormone treatments that allowed her to begin developing female characteristics. She stopped taking the hormones around the time she and third wife Kris Jenner got together.

Caitlyn introduced herself to the world June 1 on the cover of Vanity Fair. Following the release of the cover and accompanying 22-page spread, she joined Twitter and Instagram for the first time. Within four hours, Caitlyn had accumulated more than 1 million followers, setting a world record. It has since been announced that Caitlyn will star in her own documentary series on E! titled “I Am Cait.”

The eight-episode series airs Sunday, July 26, at 9 p.m. EDT.