Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner, pictured Jan. 14, 2016, said it was easier for her to be transgender than a Republican. Reuters

“I Am Cait” star Caitlyn Jenner changed many facets of her life when she became transgender, but one thing that remained was her political affiliation. Jenner is a Republican.

As documented on her E! reality show, her trans friends were shocked when she talked about gay marriage and other hot button issues. During day 3 of the Republican National Convention Wednesday in Ohio, Jenner revealed it was harder for her to be a Republican than to be transgender.

“It was easy to come out as trans,” she said during a Q&A hosted by the LGBT-focused American Unity Fund. “It was harder for me to come out as Republican.”

Jenner said there’s needs to be change within the Republican Party and said this year’s GOP campaign has been “downright hostile” to the LGBT community. “I want to help the Republican Party in so many ways,” Jenner said. “I think our best move to get back to a constitutional government is in the Republican Party. I won’t give up hope on it.”

One example is the “non-issue” about transgender people being banned from public bathrooms. Jenner even filmed herself using the restroom at Trump tower in April. "A trans woman in New York, I gotta take a pee. Anyways, Oh my God, Trump International Tower, I love this," Jenner says in the video.

At the convention, she made light of the situation and joked about state legislatures having restricted access. “Maybe we should ban Republican representatives at the state level from being in bathrooms,” she said.

On a more serious note, Jenner said the Republican Party, “needs to know people who are trans.”

“There are actually trans people out in this audience now, but you have no idea that they’re trans,” she said. “I’m here today since most people don’t know anybody who’s trans get to know somebody.”

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