Californians have a lot to say about Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft released today. New research released on Wednesday has shown that Californians are leading the conversation about the launch of the new operating system.

According to data from the Adobe Digital Index, 16 percent of domestic social media chatter is coming from the Golden State, with Microsoft's home turf of Washington coming in at a mere 6 percent.

The Adobe team analyzed over 3 million mentions of the software release from sources such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and blogs. The findings revealed that 57 percent of buzz was joy, anticipation or admiration, with 30 percent expressing sadness. 

The news will come as a relief for Microsoft, which is making a big bet on Windows 10. It has been a big day for the company, as it moves towards a cloud-based model for its future products.

The U.S. leads the way in the online conversation, but only accounts for 30 percent of overall chatter. Russia, India, the U.K. and Spain also dominate the buzz. Compared to El Capitan, Apple's next Mac operating system update, Windows 10 was mentioned 23 times more often. It is, however, a few months until the launch of El Capitan, so this may be a symptom of Microsoft's earlier start.

Early reviews for Windows 10 have so far been positive, but many reviewers have noted that there are still some major bugs that need to be worked out first before the day-to-day user can depend on the system. However, the response to the new features introduced have been largely positive. Windows 10 also removes a number of older features, which users upgrading may miss.