A California man lost his entire life savings, totaling $200K, after withdrawing the money from a bank on July 30. After taking the money out of his account to financially help his family through the current COVID-19 pandemic, he was brutally beaten and robbed in a now-viral video.

Francisco Cornejo, who had recently sold his home, had been making his way back to his car outside of a Chase bank when an unknown assailant grabbed the pouch of money and fled, according to KTLA.

During the attack, Cornejo was also knocked to the ground before the perpetrator, who was wearing a black hoodie, left the scene.

"Within 30 seconds of just getting to his car, he was grabbed, beaten, robbed, and they took everything from him," Cornejo’s attorney, Nathan Soleimani, told the publication.

Sindy Flroes, Cornejo's daughter, later gave new insight about why her father had been withdrawing such a large amount of money in the first place.

"My parents needed this money to get through this pandemic as they are both unemployed, to support my 94 year old grandma with her medical and living expenses, to pay for my sister's grad school tuition, and to send money to their family and loved ones in Mexico and El Salvador, as many of them have lost their jobs and homes due to the lack of work because of COVID-19 pandemic," she said, according to Daily Mail.

At this time, police are continuing their search for the attacker and Soleimani hopes that new information could lead to an arrest. Anyone interested in helping Cornejo cover his hospital expenses can donate to a GoFundMe, which was set up by his daughter.

Police Car
In this photo, police cars sit on Main Street in Dallas, Texas, on July 7, 2016. Laura Buckman/AFP/Getty Images