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A man accused of killing a 19-year-old woman and then leaving her by the roadside said during a jailhouse interview Wednesday that he “snapped” and that he never wanted to hurt or kill her.

According to a report by KTVU, a Fox-affiliated television station, Daniel Gross, 19, a resident of Modesto, while giving an interview from inside the Santa Rita Jail, Dublin, California, said, “I didn't plan to do this at all.”

“I feel like s---. I f---ing hate myself, you know? I wish I could go back in time and that this never happened,” added Gross.

According to police authorities, 19-year-old Lizette Cuesta, a resident of Tracy, California, who was Gross’ friend, was discovered by motorists Monday trying to move while crawling on her stomach on the Tesla Road outside Livermore. Gross and his girlfriend, Melissa Jill Leonardo, 25, were arrested in connection with the death.

Gross did not comment on Cuesta during the interview. “I'd rather not get into that,” Gross said.

However, Gross said his action was in self-defense as Cuesta hit him on his ribs with her elbow. Gross admitted that he reacted but did not shed any light on the details of his action, the report said.

Gross while snapping his fingers said, “It just happened like this.”

Gross continued by saying that he and Cuesta were arguing about something when the incident happened and that he was unaware of the fact as to why Cuesta attacked him. Gross also added Cuesta had a knife with her which was given by him, but she didn’t attack him with the knife but with her elbows.

Gross said, “I gave her the knife.”

While referring to Cuesta’s interest toward skateboarding, Gross said, “She didn't feel safe skating in Tracy. I protected her."

According to Gross, the altercation took place somewhere in Livermore after he and Cuesta had sexual intercourse at the back of Leonardo’s car, while the latter was driving. All three of them had smoked marijuana, added Gross.

He said with Cuesta’s consent, he tied her with a yellow rope. A yellow rope was also discovered by investigators of the Almeda County Sheriff’s Office at the place where Cuesta was left after she was stabbed, the report said.

Gross also said he didn’t know that Cuesta was able to crawl 100 yards with the injury and also survived for two hours. Cuesta also allegedly told the police officials before her death that Gross and Leonardo attacked her.

“I’m not mad at her [Cuesta],” said Gross.

Gross said he, Leonardo and Cuesta worked together at Carl’s Jr. Restaurant. He and Cuesta’s relationship had turned sexual after some months of working together and Leonardo, although was aware of it, did not oppose it.

According to a report by New York Post, at the time of the court hearing, the judge had to send many of Cuesta’s relatives out as they shouted at Leonardo saying, “You’ll get what you deserve!”

Cuesta’s father, Ray Cuesta, said his daughter had ensured justice for herself because she told the name of her attackers before dying, reported KABC, an ABC-affiliated television network.

Ray reportedly said, “How tough she [Cuesta] was, how strong she was, she showed that at the end, always.”

Gross and Leonardo were arraigned on charges of murder Thursday.