• The men did "a monkey-type of body language"
  • The woman said the men looked like they wanted to fight
  • Topgolf has terminated the memberships of the two men involved in the incident

A woman and her three children were subjected to a racist attack in the parking lot of Topgolf in Roseville, California, last week.

Two middle-aged men allegedly confronted Jessica Alyse and her sons in the parking lot and started mocking them using racist language. One of the men yelled out "Black Lives Matter" to which Alyse responded saying, "Yes, they do." Another man immediately yelled out "No the f--- they don’t."

"Began to yell and taunt my son and do like a monkey-type of body language. And say, 'Oh, you little 'n.' You’re just a little 'n' boy.' And yelling this while looking at my son like he wanted to fight," Alyse told Fox 40. She immediately waked away from the scene with her sons aged 14, 11 and 7.

"It resolved by me seeing the situation and thinking that my kids, especially my older son, our lives are more important than what can come from some physical altercation that it looked like was being … they were trying to kind of make happen by their body language," Alyse said. Alyse also shared the incident on Facebook. 

Topgolf has terminated the memberships of the two unidentified men involved in the incident.

"Many of our Guests may have heard about an unacceptable incident that occurred between guests last weekend in the Topgolf Roseville parking lot. When we learned of the incident, we immediately notified local authorities and terminated the memberships of the instigators involved," a Facebook statement by the company said.

Topgolf patron Terry Torres Jr. also condemned the incident saying, "Racism, I don’t even think that it should exist here ’cause we’re a land built on immigration."

Alyse said the incident did affect them but it only made them "stronger."

The incident was being investigated as a possible hate crime.

In a Facebook post, Roseville Police Department said it "is actively investigating the incident and will confer with the District Attorney’s Office regarding potential prosecution."

The incident comes days after a Black family in Michigan was racially attacked by a man three times in a single week. The suspect opened fire at their home, vandalized their car and threw rocks through their window during the attacks. The family was at home when two of the three attacks took place. 

racism-5273779_640 Black Lives Matter Photo: Pixabay