• The parents of the child were arrested Monday
  • The police found drug paraphernalia inside the apartment
  • Parents may face additional charges based on the results of an autopsy test

The parents of a 15-month-old toddler were arrested after their child died of a suspected fentanyl overdose in California.

The child's father, Evan Frostick, 26, and mother, Madison Bernard, 23, were arrested Monday, and charged with alleged cruelty to a child likely to produce great bodily injury or death, Santa Rosa Police Department said in a statement.

Santa Rosa police officers, fire officials and emergency crews had responded to the family's house after Bernard called 911 to report her child was unresponsive, Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Christian Mahurin said, ABC News reported, citing the Associated Press.

After reaching the scene, the emergency responders immediately began life-saving measures, but couldn't revive the child.

The police reportedly found drug paraphernalia and fentanyl, while conducting a search in the apartment.

"The main concern was that the toddler was in a bed and in a bedroom that had both paraphernalia for fentanyl and fentanyl in the room and sprinkled on the bed," Mahurin told ABC News.

The deputies reportedly found 2½ to 3 grams of suspected fentanyl and paraphernalia in a bedroom, on the bed where the child slept with her parents and on the floor where the toddler often played, Mahurin told the outlet.

"Anything from 2 milligrams or more can be considered a lethal dose so, having that much just lying around can be incredibly dangerous," Mahurin said.

The Santa Rosa Police Department may file additional charges against the parents based on the results of an autopsy and toxicology test on the toddler expected in the next few weeks, the police statement mentioned.

In November 2021, a Florida couple was charged after their 2-year-old daughter died from a fentanyl overdose. The parents, Joseph Tierney, 36, and Jalynn Davis, 36, were charged with aggravated manslaughter in connection to the death of their daughter Miya Tierney. The couple told the cops they left their sleeping daughter alone in a room as they had sexual intercourse. Later, when they checked on her, they found the girl unresponsive, with vomit coming out of her mouth. The couple then called 911. An autopsy report on the child indicated she died of fentanyl toxicity.

Here, bags of heroin laced with fentanyl are pictured on September 23, 2016 in New York City. Getty Images