'Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare' Shaolin Shuffle
'Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' DLC 2 brings Shaolin Shuffle to Zombies, and this guide should help get you started with power and Pack-A-Punch locations. Currently the DLC is exclusive to PS4, but it will eventually be available on Xbox One and PC. Infinity Ward/Activision

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC 2 has released on PS4, and it includes a new Zombies chapter called Shaolin Shuffle. If you’re just getting started, you’ll need to turn on some power switches. You’ll probably want to get to the Pack-A-Punch machine to upgrade your weapons too. This guide covers both subjects.


  1. The first power location is on a pillar in the back of the subway. It’s pretty close to spawn, so it should be almost impossible to miss.
  2. Near the pillar, you should see signs leading you up a staircase to street level. Straight ahead of you should be a bus. Go past it, and head up the ramp to your left. At the top of the ramp, take a right and follow that path till you see a large arrow near a lightning bolt icon. Go past that arrow and through the open door on your right. Go up the stairs and take a left. Pass through the gate, down the stairs and take a left. There’s power on that building in the corner.
  3. From location 2, keep following the steps down and take a right toward an entrance with lights pointing to it. Go inside, follow that path to left and head up the winding staircase to the disco area. Go over the catwalk and take a left past the bar area. Take another left into the nearby door. Following the path, you’ll see a sign that says “VIP Lounge.” Follow it up the steps to the roof. On the roof, go up the small staircase, head forward and you’ll see a small arrow on a brick wall directing you to the left. Follow it and you’ll see the switch near a large lightning bolt symbol.
  4. Head down the path to the left of the satellite dishes and into the lit open door. When you get to the couches, turn right down the winding staircase. Head past the perk machine, come outside and follow the marked subway path. As soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn left. Follow the steps downward to an open area. The power is in the right corner by the train tracks.


To unlock Pack-A-Punch you’ll need a flyer, film reel and coin. Those first two items can spawn in different places for different players. Here's some of the possible locations to look.

The Flyer

  • On street level you’ll come across a strip club that advertises “Live Girls.” Search the debris on the ground in front of the entrance, and you may find it.
  • It might also be near the location of power switch number 3 listed above. Nearby, there’s a small white table with empty beer bottles. A flyer may be there.
  • Using the directions for power switch two, get to the point where you see the large lightning bolt and the arrow. Just before you head through the door and down the stairs, you should see a perk machine called Racing Stripes. Nearby is a desk and chair. The flyer should be on the chair.
  • Just outside the spawn point is a pile of trash by the dojo. The pink flyer might stick out there.

The Reel

  • Right by the Disco catwalk is a sofa. The reel may be there.
  • Near the subway entrance is an underground area that opens up to the Tuff ‘Nuff machine once you turn on the power. There’s a box right by the stairs leading to the machine. The reel may be on it.
  • Heading down through the sewer pipes by Tuff ‘Nuff, you’ll come across Rat King Lair. You’ll see a bunch of sewer pipes connected to brick walls. The reel may be inside one of them.
  • Inside the strip club, head to the right and look on one of the chairs.

The Coin

  • Go prone under the Tuff ‘Nuff machine that opens up when you’ve got all the power on.

Now, just open the strip club door and look for a closed door to the left. The coin can be used to open it. Place the reel onto the projector and Pack-A-Punch will be ready to go. If you need any extra help, be sure to watch the videos above.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Shaolin Shuffle DLC is currently exclusive to PS4.

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