Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies got a brand new DLC chapter called Shaolin Shuffle, so here’s a guide to help you make most of it. Want to get the Easter egg for a piece of the Soul Key? We’ll walk through every single step. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll assume readers have a basic knowledge of the map.


You can’t start Easter egg hunting till you’ve made it to round five. Once you have, speak to Pam and choose your Chi power. You’ll need to upgrade it to tier 3 to move on. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the Shuriken ability.

At this point you’ll notice small rat cages spawned around the map. Go up to one and use your Shuriken to free the rodent. The rat will take you to another cage. Repeat the process about five times. After the fifth one, a yellow circle will spawn. Kill six to 10 zombies in that circle. Talk to Pam, return to where the circle spawned, and you should be able to pick up a key. In the second subway area by Bang Bang’s, you’ll see a locker with symbols. Open it and grab what’s inside.

Talk to Pam again, and you’ll be asked to find more symbols. Shoot them and you’ll hear a gong sound to confirm. Here’s where they are.

  1. Near the Dojo on the tall building just outside the map. Using a single-shot weapon, shoot the left symbol down your sights.
  2. In the basement area of the disco, you’ll see a bathroom. Shoot the second symbol on the bottom of the stall.
  3. In the fountain area, you’ll see a wall with symbols close to the ground. Shoot the first and second symbols.

Outside the Dojo, a Rat King symbol spawns. Shoot it and take down the boss to grab the eyeball.


The next key piece to find is the brain. You’ll need to use the eye to scan the map for more symbols. Here’s where to find them.

  1. In the Dojo above the door on the right
  2. Barber shop next to the Dojo’s back wall
  3. In the spawn area, behind the train and through the upper railings
  4. In the rock concert area behind the speaker in the back left
  5. On the water tower on the roof of the disco
  6. Also on the roof is a broken panel in the skylight. A symbol is on the air vent.
  7. On some hanging clothes in an alley by the fountain
  8. On the cop car by Bomb Stoppers. Shoot it from the balcony.
  9. In the Blue Room of the disco in the right-hand corner. You have to jump to access it.
  10. On the Disco Inferno sign near the Pack-A-Punch machine. For more info on that, see our other guide.
  11. On the stairs near Bang Bang’s
  12. On the roof near the Dojo

One more symbol will spawn. Find it and repeat the process six times. Once that’s done, go underground and answer the ringing payphone that’s not red. You’ll hear a series of beeps that correspond to Morse Code. Long beeps are dashes and short ones are dots. Click here for more info.

After you’ve confirmed your number, look around the map for a “Nightmare Summer” poster with the matching digits. Head to the roof of the Disco and place that poster on the spotlight. It will make an X on a window that you must explode with a grenade. Kill the Ninja Zombies that spawn in.

The next step has you using a symbol cipher. For this part, we suggest consulting the video below. On the wall by the satellite dish and spotlight, you’ll see a letter. That letter is the first one in a code that’s deciphered by the video. The symbols that spawn on the roof correspond to the rest of the letters. Here are all the possible solutions that have been discovered so far. Thanks to MrDalekJD for the details.





BASEMENT (confirmed)



BREEDER (confirmed)

BROADWAY (confirmed)

BRUTE (confirmed)


CRANE (confirmed)

DEATH (confirmed)

DRAGON (confirmed)

FAIRIES (confirmed)

FORGE (confirmed)

GHETTO (confirmed)


HIVES (confirmed)


KATANA (confirmed)

KEVINSMITH (confirmed)

LOSANGELES (confirmed)


MEMORIES (confirmed)


NEWYORK (confirmed)

NIGHTFALL (confirmed)

NUNCHUCKS (confirmed)

OBELISK (confirmed)

PAMGRIER (confirmed)

PINKCAT (confirmed)


RATKING (confirmed)

REDWOODS (confirmed)


SHAOLIN (confirmed)

SHUFFLE (confirmed)

SLASHER (confirmed)

SPACELAND (confirmed)


TIGER (confirmed)

YETIEYES (confirmed)

ZAPPERS (confirmed)

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you’ll be granted access to Deadeye Dewdrops. You’ll see another Rat King symbol. Kill him to get the brain.


Talk to Pam and kill some Zombies for three full rounds. The last one locks you into the Dojo area, so only do that when you’re ready. When all is quiet, grab the turnstile piece and place it on the broken turnstile arm near the spawn point.

Near Bomb Stoppers, climb the ladder, go up the planks, turn around and look for a window with a shining red light. Shoot the Rat King symbol and the window will close. After that, the glowing circles return six more times in random areas. When you hear a gong sound for the last one, go see Pam.

In the disco, go to the DJ booth and interact with the turntables. When you do, a dancing Zombie will come to the floor with a disco ball above its head. Wait till there’s another Zombie on the floor, then kill the disco ball one. The disco ball will transfer to the other Zombie. Repeat this process seven times.

Outside the disco you’ll see another Rat King symbol. Take down the king again.


Talk to Pam and you’ll be transported to the Rat King’s Lair. You’ll be able to choose which order you tackle each stage. Here’s what to do.

Brain: There are Zombies with yellow eyes that attack players, and purple-eyed ones attack the brain. Just let the purple Zombies attack the brain until it’s over.

Heart: Acid surrounds the perimeter of the map. To clear the pools, you need to kill a Zombie while it’s standing inside one. Do this 20 times in 30 seconds.

Eye: Scan the room and shoot every symbol that appears.

Take down the Rat King one final time with everything you’ve got, and you’ll have earned the Easter egg.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Shaolin Shuffle is part of the game’s second DLC pack called Continuum. Be sure to read our Power Location and Pack-A-Punch guide if you need more help.

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